What do you look for in a window/door warranty?

When shopping around for a good window or door, most of us are going to want to purchase something with a good warranty. Usually a warranty that would provide protection in the event of malfunction or every day wear and tear, as well as the labor for servicing those things.

Questions to ask to ensure you are getting the warranty that best suits your needs in the future:

  • Is the warranty limited or full?
  • If limited, how long is the warranty valid?
  • What things aren’t covered within the warranty?
  • Does the warranty cover labor? If not, will the company installing the window/door provide a labor warranty?
  • Is the warranty transferable? Is this automatic or does a fee apply?

When reviewing any warranty we always need to pay attention to the fine print. Make sure you know exactly what “lifetime” mean and exactly what it is.

Things to consider when shopping around for the perfect company to install your new windows & doors:

  • Is there a labor warranty that you provide with your products?
  • How long is that labor warranty.
  • If your window/door warranty is transferred is the labor warranty transferred as well? Is there a service fee for the new home owner?
  • What does the labor warranty cover? What doesn’t the labor warranty cover?
  • If a labor warranty wont cover some things, is this something your home owners insurance will cover?

Keep an eye out, most window companies will relate the warranty to either the product or the installation but a lot of times not both.

Most importantly you will want to make a decision with a company that has a good reputation. Verify! Verify! Verify!

There are many ways today to check on the reputation of a company. Look closely at online forums, blogs, reviews, and online referral networks. Also, companies should be able to provide you with references regarding specific looks, styles etc., that you may be interested in from customers they have done work for personally.

If you don’t firmly believe that a company will be around in 25 years, you may want to re-consider purchasing from them. 


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Just how strong are vinyl windows?

  Performance Grade

A product only achieves a performance grade rating if that product complies with all requirements of the NAFS standard for a certain design pressure corresponding to a maximum expected wind velocity regime at the given geographical location. This is the link between design pressure and performance grade – but the latter goes further by encompassing:

  • Structural performance: The pressure applied for structural performance verification is 150 percent of design pressure for doors and windows and 200 percent for unit skylights and tubular daylight devices. This is a test that assesses any permanent damage associated with the assembly;
  • Water penetration resistance: The water penetration resistance test pressure, which simulates the force behind wind-driven rain, is generally is based on 15 percent of the design pressure for R, LC, and CW performance classes and 20 percent of the design pressure for AW performance classes;
  • Air infiltration resistance;
  • Uniform load-deflection test;
  • Forced-entry resistance (if applicable);


Below, is the link to a great resource put out in partnership with the Lawrence Berkley Lab in California. Easy to understand information, state guides, case studies, and an impressive glossary of terms are all readily available.



Pictured below is a vinyl window with a low performance grade rating that has bowed.


Skyline offers window replacement all year round!

Many homeowners have the misconception that getting new replacement windows or doors in the fall or winter seasons is not such a good idea. Most people make the decision to hold off due to excess cold air coming into the home or warm air escaping the home.

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter what the weather is when the window or door is installed.

In fall/winter, our installers put in extra effort to keep your warm air in and the cold air out! Typically, openings will be exposed to the weather for short periods of time. The same is true with doors.
The old windows/doors are taken out, the opening is then cleaned, alterations are made if any, such as replacing rotted wood etc., then the window is placed into the opening, leveled and secured.

If there are multiple windows involved, installations are done one at a time to reduce the loss of heat.

Here at Skyline Windows, we are proud to offer year round installation.

Give us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you!


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Windows of our future

Vacuum Glazed Super Glass

Researchers have came up with a vacuum-glazed super glass with an incredible R12 – R13 insulation rating. For those who aren’t familiar with R-Value, this is the measurement of how insulated a material is. Brick & plaster material is usually going to have a R12 Value, while glass usually gets a R1/R2. This means the super glass is going to give you around same insulation as a thick insulated wall. This causes the glass to actually supply thermal energy instead of leaking it.


WOW Fact: Studies show if we were to convert every window in the U.S. to this performance level it would save home owners about 15 BILLION per year!


What are the pros & cons of composite replacement windows?

When shopping for Replacement Windows there are some pro’s & con’s you should weigh out before making your final decision, depending on your window needs.

Below we have listed some pro’s & con’s of composite replacement windows.



  • Low Maintenance
  • Impact ResistantImage result for Pro's and Con's
  • Does not corrode or rot
  • Will not peel
  • Easily Paintable
  • wood-like profile
  • Energy efficient
  • Variety of interior/exterior colors
  • Less susceptible to expansion and contraction


  • $$
  • Durability may vary
  • Limited kinds of composite
  • Larger frames/less glass


What are the pros and cons of replacement wood windows?

When shopping for Replacement Windows there are some pro’s & con’s you should weigh out before making your final decision, depending on your window needs.

Below we have listed some pro’s & con’s of replacement wood windows.


ProsImage result for Pro's and Con's

  • Paintable/stainable
  • Average Energy Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • More custom options
  • Strength


  • $$$
  • Requires more maintenance interior/exterior
  • Rotting
  • Warping
  • Swelling

What are the pros & cons of Replacement Vinyl Windows

When shopping for Replacement Windows there are some pro’s & con’s you should weigh out before making your final decision, depending on your window needs.

Below we have listed some pro’s & con’s of Vinyl replacement windows.



Related image

  • Will not rot
  • Will not peel
  • Will not bend/warp
  • Easily Paint-able
  • Wood-like profile
  • Energy Efficient
  • Low Maintenance
  • Resists Moisture & Insects
  • Good Thermal Protection
  • Cost Effective


  • Low quality vinyl may fade or discolor
  • Not Bio-degradable
  • Paint needs special primer on vinyl
  • Style preference of wood

Advantages of wood windows

The Advantages of Wood-Framed WindowsEasy-Tilt Double Hung Rounded Sash Lock Profile

For many people, especially those in older, more traditional homes or in the museum district homes, there really is no choice other than real wood-framed windows. There are several advantages,  to genuine wood windows.

Genuine wood has a look and a feel to it that nothing else can match. Wood is classic; wood is solid; wood is the real deal. Virtually all other window frames attempt to mimic the look of wood. Why settle for cheap imitations when the real thing is available?

Genuine wood frames help to insulate a home far better than most windows.  The additional insulation that real wood provides can help keep a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer and can save the homeowner on utility bills all year round. Wood-framed windows also provide an excellent barrier to outdoor sounds.

It should be noted that it is also possible to purchase wood-clad window frames. These are wooden frames that are covered on the outside with vinyl or even aluminum. The advantage to wood-clad frames is that the outside of the window is protected from the elements while the inside retains the look, feel and insulating properties of genuine wood.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, wood wins hand-down if the homeowner chooses to paint. While some other types of frames may accept paint, wood embraces any color a homeowner chooses to apply. Wood not only welcomes paint, it virtually demands it. Wood also enhances the value of most homes.


Check out the wood options we have here at Skyline Windows:

SunClad Products (as of Jan. 1st, 2018 Skyline no longer offers SunClad products)

Provia Aeris Window


Feel free to give us a call @ 804-270-4008 or come by our Show Room located at 7051 B Brook Road, Richmond VA 23227. 


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