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Vacuum Glazed Super Glass

Researchers have came up with a vacuum-glazed super glass with an incredible R12 – R13 insulation rating. For those who aren’t familiar with R-Value, this is the measurement of how insulated a material is. Brick & plaster material is usually going to have a R12 Value, while glass usually gets a R1/R2. This means the super glass is going to give you around same insulation as a thick insulated wall. This causes the glass to actually supply thermal energy instead of leaking it.


WOW Fact: Studies show if we were to convert every window in the U.S. to this performance level it would save home owners about 15 BILLION per year!


What are the pros & cons of composite replacement windows?

When shopping for Replacement Windows there are some pro’s & con’s you should weigh out before making your final decision, depending on your window needs.

Below we have listed some pro’s & con’s of composite replacement windows.



  • Low Maintenance
  • Impact ResistantImage result for Pro's and Con's
  • Does not corrode or rot
  • Will not peel
  • Easily Paintable
  • wood-like profile
  • Energy efficient
  • Variety of interior/exterior colors
  • Less susceptible to expansion and contraction


  • $$
  • Durability may vary
  • Limited kinds of composite
  • Larger frames/less glass


What are the pros and cons of replacement wood windows?

When shopping for Replacement Windows there are some pro’s & con’s you should weigh out before making your final decision, depending on your window needs.

Below we have listed some pro’s & con’s of replacement wood windows.


ProsImage result for Pro's and Con's

  • Paintable/stainable
  • Average Energy Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • More custom options
  • Strength


  • $$$
  • Requires more maintenance interior/exterior
  • Rotting
  • Warping
  • Swelling

What are the pros & cons of Replacement Vinyl Windows

When shopping for Replacement Windows there are some pro’s & con’s you should weigh out before making your final decision, depending on your window needs.

Below we have listed some pro’s & con’s of Vinyl replacement windows.



Related image

  • Will not rot
  • Will not peel
  • Will not bend/warp
  • Easily Paint-able
  • Wood-like profile
  • Energy Efficient
  • Low Maintenance
  • Resists Moisture & Insects
  • Good Thermal Protection
  • Cost Effective


  • Low quality vinyl may fade or discolor
  • Not Bio-degradable
  • Paint needs special primer on vinyl
  • Style preference of wood

Advantages of wood windows

The Advantages of Wood-Framed WindowsEasy-Tilt Double Hung Rounded Sash Lock Profile

For many people, especially those in older, more traditional homes or in the museum district homes, there really is no choice other than real wood-framed windows. There are several advantages,  to genuine wood windows.

Genuine wood has a look and a feel to it that nothing else can match. Wood is classic; wood is solid; wood is the real deal. Virtually all other window frames attempt to mimic the look of wood. Why settle for cheap imitations when the real thing is available?

Genuine wood frames help to insulate a home far better than most windows.  The additional insulation that real wood provides can help keep a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer and can save the homeowner on utility bills all year round. Wood-framed windows also provide an excellent barrier to outdoor sounds.

It should be noted that it is also possible to purchase wood-clad window frames. These are wooden frames that are covered on the outside with vinyl or even aluminum. The advantage to wood-clad frames is that the outside of the window is protected from the elements while the inside retains the look, feel and insulating properties of genuine wood.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, wood wins hand-down if the homeowner chooses to paint. While some other types of frames may accept paint, wood embraces any color a homeowner chooses to apply. Wood not only welcomes paint, it virtually demands it. Wood also enhances the value of most homes.


Check out the wood options we have here at Skyline Windows:

SunClad Products

Provia Aeris Window


Feel free to give us a call @ 804-270-4008 or come by our Show Room located at 7051 B Brook Road, Richmond VA 23227. 


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Fresh Air & Fresh Windows

Now that spring is officially here, everyone is busy with many spring-cleaning projects, including yard work, and washing all the windows – inside and out.Image result for spring

During the year, debris and film can build-up on windows, sills and tracks. Windows should be dusted and washed regularly to keep them sparkling clean. It’s good to use a white vinegar and water solution when cleaning vinyl windows. Vinegar safely kills germs and is much more economical than chemical cleaners – plus, it’s completely non-toxic and anti-bacterial.

After a long winter season, the arrival spring is greatly awaited, and so is the opportunity to finally open the windows and air out your home.  However, winter can create a lot of wear and tear on your windows.  Whether your windows are damaged from the harsh winter weather or they are simply worn out from years of use.

Start off the spring season with fresh air flowing through new windows! If you are interested in new windows for your home, one of our professionals would be happy to come out to your home to provide you with a free estimate on window replacement. Give Skyline a call today or click here to fill out a contact form on our website and one from the Skyline team will be in touch with you!




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The NFRC Label Empowers Consumers

                           Use the NFRC label to help you compare windows, doors, and skylights so you can make an educated decision before investing your money.



Are you and your windows safe?

Skyline encourages window safetyImage result for window safety

Often we go the distance to promote window safety and fall prevention in our home. When the season’s change, it is a great time to examine windows for wear and tear and to review your emergency plan with your family.  If you find that your old windows are not safe or operational, you should plan to make necessary repairs and upgrades as soon as possible.

While the industry does a great job on focusing on window safety during the designated window safety week (which happens each April), we firmly believe in educating the community on the importance of window safety on a daily basis. In addition, it is helpful to understand your emergency plan and window safety plan should go hand in hand.


We’d like to encourage you to review these simple emergency safety steps :

  • Make sure that your windows are not painted or nailed shut. You must be able to open them to escape in an emergency.
  • Keep your windows closed and locked when children are around.
  • When opening windows for ventilation, only open windows that a child cannot reach. If you’re not on the ground floor be absolutely sure all windows are locked for everyone’s safety.
  • If your windows have window stops (vent latches) please notes that the vent latches have a release mechanism so that they can be opened for escape in a fire emergency. Consult your local fire department or building code official to determine proper window guard or vent latch placement.
  • If your windows don’t have window stops, contact a window professional about getting them installed if your windows will accept the modification.  If not, consider replacing them with windows that have this safety feature. You will need to be sure to teach the adults in your home and older children you trust how to manage this safety latch in case of an emergency.

Make sure to thoroughly inspect your windows and if you find that you need them replaced give us a shout or stop by our show room located at 7051 B Brook rd. Richmond, VA 23227.

DIY or Hire?

Hiring a professionalImage result for professional contractor cartoon

Often, home repairs and replacements are taken on by homeowners who in the beginning, believe they can do the work themselves, only to end up having to hire a professional to rescue them from the disaster they have created.  This kind of mistake can end up costing you more money in the long run than if you had hired a professional to begin with. Taking on a remodel or replacing windows on your own, without knowing or having any skills to accomplish a successful project, you can or will end up lowering the value of your home or damaging the structure.  By hiring a professional you will end up adding value to your home and avoiding many headaches and saving money in the long run.

A good example of a project that is best left to a pro is the installation of a new roof and windows.  This usually requires spending time in possibly dangerous environments for someone who does not know how to safely install a new roof or window.  Homeowner’s should hire a professional for these types of projects and home repairs to avoid a fall or serious injury.  On the other side of the coin, there are other smaller projects where a homeowner can easily undertake themselves without the possibly of suffering a serious injury or damaging their home. 


If you are equipped with the correct tools and knowledge you can fix small issues that do not require the attention of a professional.  It is important to remember that a professional may be able to complete the repair quickly and be able to provide a longer lifespan for the repair at hand than if you do it yourself. 

Making the right decision

At the end of the day the choice to DIY or to hire a professional is ultimately your choice.  Although the choice of hiring a professional or completing the repairs yourself can be difficult. Homeowner’s should always keep in mind the extra skills that a professional will bring to any job. When considering a repair, replacement or remodel always ask yourself if you have the skills, knowledge and proper equipment to complete the job correctly.  Understand the skills a professional brings to the table and how important it is when keeping the integrity of the structure of your home safe.

Choosing the best company

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Here at Skyline Windows, we know how important it is to make sure our installers are experienced & know what they’re doing. Otherwise, you could get water damage, mold, or heat loss. Our focus here at Skyline is customer satisfaction, that is why we make sure our team has the experience to get the job done right! Our crews have a specialized skill set. They install windows, and nothing else. This focus creates an environment of excellence and expertise. When shopping around for new windows, you want to hire a company who has the experience to do it right, always do your research.