Okna 800

Vinyl Replacement Window

The Okna 800 is a vinyl replacement offers industry leading performance and beauty.  The Okna 800 offers exceptional thermal and structural performance without compromising on beauty or features.

The Okna 800 window is perfect for home owners who are wanting the highest levels of energy efficiency and the most options to make this window a perfect fit.

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Window Features

These Features are Standard on all of our Okna 800 replacement windows.

Colonial Beveled Exterior

Colonial Exterior

A classically sculpted exterior frame improves the appearance of the replacement window

Insulated frame in Okna 800 Window

Insulated Frame

Extruded Insulation slid into the frame insures the lowest thermal transfer through the frame and sashes.

Slim Metal Grab Handle

Slim Grab Handle

A metal grab handle that adds to the ease of operation, available in different finishes.

Vent latch of Okna 800 Window

Vent Latches

Vent latches allow the window to be opened a controlled amount for safety.

Metal window lock on Okna 800 window

Low-Profile Metal Locks

Low-Profile Locks add to the beauty and clean, neat appearance of the window.

Inter-Lock and Bulb Seal

Inter-Lock & Seal

An Inter-Lock system and thick bulb seal work together to make this one of the most air-tight windows on the market.

Mortised Dam Sill


Mortised Dam Sill

A integrates the dam sill into the side frame insuring a clean and tight frame.


Thru-Vision Screen


Thru-Vision Screen


A thin, fiberglass mesh screen that allows the maximum amount of light to pass through.

Reinforced Meeting Rail

Reinforced Meeting Rail

An extra bar of composite material gives this window added strength an makes it one of the strongest windows on the market.

Magnetic Weather Stripping

Magnetic Weather Stripping

A magnetic seal insures that the bottom is both air and water tight.

Window Options

Standard and Optional Choices to Customize Your Ideal Window


white vinyl replacement window

Euro-White (Standard)


Almond/Beige (Optional)


Cocoa (Optional)


Melrose Cherry (Optional)


Natural (Optional)


Cognac (Optional)


white vinyl replacement window

Euro-White (Standard)


Almond/Beige (Optional)


Cocoa (Optional)


Bronze (Optional)


Sandstone (Optional)


Terra Brown (Optional)


Custom Color (Optional)

Custom Color (Optional)


White (Standard)


Adobe (Standard on Laminates)


Antique Brass (Optional)


Brushed Nickel (Optional)


Aged Bronze (Optional)


5/8″ Flat Grid


11/16″ Contour Grid

Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)

Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)



Colonial Pattern


Diamond Pattern


Prairie Pattern

  • Double Pane
  • Triple Pane
  • SunSeal
  • Obscure
  • Tempered

Window Performance

Thermal and structural performance ratings on windows tell you how your window will perform in your home.


 Thermal Performance

Glazing Option U-Value SHGC VT CR   Energy Star Minimum for VA Energy Star Minimum
Double Pane Deluxe 0.26 0.29 0.53 62 0.3 17% Better
Triple Pane Deluxe 0.20 0.25 0.42 72 0.3 37% Better




Structural Performance

Our Windows Industry Minimum
AAMA Rating R60 R15
Air Infiltration cfm/ft2 0.01 0.3        1500% Better
Water Penetration mph   54 33           64% Better
Structural Integrity mph 171 94           82% Better


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