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Beechworth windows offers homeowners form, function and good looks. Engineering enhancements make it the best performing fiberglass double hung window, whether you’re looking for increased performance, comfort or aesthetics.


Real pine interiors add dramatic impact with a traditional aesthetic and historical details.

Window Options

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Weather-tight seal and sloping sill for water management




Unique interlocking sash for improved performance and security




Opens and tilts in easily for cleaning


Related imageA compression interlock system secures the top and bottom sash into the frame for water and air infiltration resistance, as it pushes the frame into the bulb weather stripping at each location.


Related imageThe bottom sash recesses into the window frame for the maximum visible area and thicker barrier between the outdoors and the inside.


Related image    Stylish window locks & keepers for traditional look & weather tight seal


Related image  Sash are secured in the middle with mechanical interlock system, for increased energy            efficiency and security


Related image    The tilt latch system allows for smooth operation and easy cleaning of both sash.

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